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Our core focus is on offline space digitisation, and by combining it with powerful edge cloud computing capabilities, we serve enterprises with diverse scenarios across a number of industries.
We fully empower the digital transformation of enterprises to embrace the digital age.
Our Digital Technology Matrix
Lead to significant value creation
Video Camera Utilisation
In order to digitise offline space, we utilise video cameras as our main data source.
Spatial Interaction Identification
After acquiring the video footage, we are able to detect any movement of people or objects over space.
Human Behavior Recognition
We developed algorithms that are able to detect very specific human behaviour or interaction with objects.
Video Data Analytics
End-to-end analysis is presented through a seamless data platform, which serves as the starting point for any future decision-making.
Our Technology Solutions help businesses reach their full potential
Smart Retail
By analysing vast quantities of retailers’ internal data, we deliver granular predictions of customer demand across product categories, products, and brands in every store, eliminating the burden of manual intervention and completely digitising the data analytics process.
Smart Manufacturing
Visual inspection capabilities enable manufacturers to improve production yield while lowering waste, increase customer satisfaction as product quality rises, reduce warranty claims and after-sales defects, and detect faults that are unpredictable and vary on a large scale.
Smart Healthcare
By combining hospital historical data, internal resources, and external factors such as weather, we enable health institutions to optimise patient flow and staffing resources. This results in a decrease of the average length of stay, the prevention of discharge delays, and a shortening of patient wait times.
Hardware Solutions
In order to complement our software capabilities, we engage in conceptualising and building hardware products, providing our clients with additional tools to collect, digitise, and utilise offline data.
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